Update Vcs-Browser and Vcs-Git to use HTTPS
[sven/java-package.git] / debian / control
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungUpdate Vcs-Browser and Vcs-Git to use HTTPS
2016-03-17 Benjamin DrungBump Standards-Version to 3.9.7 (no changes)
2015-06-19 tony mancilldepend on build-essential
2015-06-19 tony mancillword-smith the long package description
2015-05-16 tony mancilladd dependences needed run make-jpkg (Closes: #782132)
2015-01-22 Emmanuel BourgStandards-Version updated to 3.9.6
2014-06-17 Benjamin DrungReplace lsb_release call by dpkg-vendor call.
2014-06-17 Benjamin DrungRun wrap-and-sort.
2014-05-08 Benjamin DrungUse dpkg-buildpackage to build the guest package.
2014-04-24 Emmanuel BourgUse debhelper level 9 in the generated package
2014-04-08 tony mancilladd lsb-release to Depends
2014-03-24 Emmanuel BourgSwitch to debhelper level 9
2014-02-12 Emmanuel BourgRemoved the suggested dependency on openjdk-6-jre
2014-02-12 Emmanuel BourgStandards-Version updated to 3.9.5
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgUpdated debhelper level to 7
2013-08-29 Emmanuel BourgUpdated the manpages for Java 8
2013-08-28 Emmanuel BourgUpdated the package description
2013-06-05 Emmanuel BourgRemoved an extra space reported by lintian
2013-06-05 Emmanuel Bourgdebian/control: Use canonical URLs for the Vcs-* fields
2013-06-05 Sylvestre Ledruack of the nmu and prepare the new release
2012-09-01 Cédric PineauLintian and BTS cleanup
2012-08-19 Cédric PineauSuppress debconf dependency and call
2012-08-17 Cédric PineauRemove restriction (update >= 10) on jre/jdk6 support
2012-02-19 Sylvestre Ledru* Long description removed
2012-01-26 Cédric PineauDisplay usage info on install, docs polish
2012-01-22 Cédric PineauExplicit make-jpkg archive file parameter
2012-01-21 Sylvestre LedruUpdate the description
2012-01-21 Sylvestre LedruRespect the pkg-java policy + add some more information
2012-01-10 Cédric PineauInitial rework of (svn) java-package 0.42