Basic support for Java 10
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2018-03-09 Sven HöxterBasic support for Java 10
2017-12-17 Sven Hoexterensure older pattern only match up to version 8
2017-12-17 Sven HoexterAdd version matching code for JRE 9
2016-09-11 tony mancillgenerated JDK/JRE packages now depend upon "java-common"
2016-09-11 tony mancilladd --priority <PRIORITY> option (Closes: #820857)
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungRemove UTF-8 trademark symbol from package description
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungAdd support for server JRE (Closes: #776389)
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungMake JRE/JDK package architecture specific
2016-03-17 Benjamin DrungRefactor Debian package build code
2015-09-18 Emmanuel BourgAdded jcontrol to the command line alternatives (Closes...
2014-04-09 tony mancillapply patch to honor --revision argument
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgChanged the short description of the generate packages...
2013-08-29 Emmanuel BourgFixed the version for the early access releases
2013-08-28 Emmanuel BourgAdded support for FCS releases
2013-08-28 Emmanuel BourgAdded support for GA releases
2013-08-28 Emmanuel BourgAdded support for early access releases (Closes: #721136)
2013-06-05 Emmanuel BourgUse the upstream versioning scheme (i.e 7u13 instead...
2013-06-05 Emmanuel BourgRenamed the script files (j2sdk->jdk, j2re->jre, j2se...