2018-03-21 Sven HöxterAdd Java 10 Server JRE support now that it's released. master
2018-03-09 Sven HöxterBasic support for Java 10
2017-12-17 Sven Hoexterupdate list of binary files shipped in "bin"
2017-12-17 Sven HoexterAdd version matching code for server JRE 9
2017-12-17 Sven Hoexterensure older pattern only match up to version 8
2017-12-17 Sven HoexterAdd version matching code for JRE 9
2017-11-26 Sven Hoexteradjust binary path within the JDK for java and friends
2017-11-26 Sven Hoexterfix a small typo - hard to rebase now
2017-11-26 Sven Hoexteradjust the expected min size for JDK 9 and prior releases
2017-11-26 Sven HoexterAdd version matching code for JDK 9
2017-01-04 Emmanuel BourgSuggest openjdk-8-jre instead of openjdk-7-jre
2017-01-04 Emmanuel BourgMarked bug #806463 as fixed in java-package/0.60
2016-09-11 tony mancillupdate changelog for upload
2016-09-11 tony mancillgenerated JDK/JRE packages now depend upon "java-common"
2016-09-11 tony mancillbump Standards-Version of generated packages
2016-09-11 tony mancilladd --priority <PRIORITY> option (Closes: #820857)
2016-09-10 tony mancilltweak manpage formatting
2016-09-10 tony mancillupdate changelog for manpage updates
2016-09-10 tony mancilladd --jce-policy to the manpage
2016-09-10 tony mancillfreshen the manpage example for JDK 8
2016-09-10 tony mancillupdate changelog
2016-09-10 tony mancillapply patch for --jce-policy (Closes: #833301)
2016-09-10 tony mancillinterim changelog
2016-09-10 tony mancillbump std-ver to 3.9.8
2016-09-10 tony mancilladd --distribution patch (Closes: #819537)
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungRelease java-package 0.61 to Debian unstable
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungUpdate Vcs-Browser and Vcs-Git to use HTTPS
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungRemove UTF-8 trademark symbol from package description
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungServer JRE: Exclude libs that pull in X11
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungAdd support for server JRE (Closes: #776389)
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungMake JRE/JDK package architecture specific
2016-03-18 Benjamin DrungUse package name as directory in /usr/lib/jvm
2016-03-17 Benjamin DrungRefactor Debian package build code
2016-03-17 Benjamin DrungBump Standards-Version to 3.9.7 (no changes)
2015-11-30 Emmanuel BourgUpload to unstable
2015-11-30 Emmanuel BourgDisabled dh_strip_nondeterminism to speed up the build
2015-10-04 tony mancillupdate changelog for #794401
2015-09-18 Emmanuel BourgChanged the section of the documentation packages to...
2015-09-18 Emmanuel BourgChanged the architecture of the documentation packages...
2015-09-18 Emmanuel BourgFixed the dh_shlibdeps error when generating a document...
2015-09-18 Emmanuel BourgFixed the detection of the latest Java 8 documentation...
2015-09-18 Emmanuel BourgAdded jcontrol to the command line alternatives (Closes...
2015-09-13 tony mancilluse --apparent-size when invoking du to check size...
2015-06-19 tony mancilldepend on build-essential
2015-06-19 tony mancillword-smith the long package description
2015-05-16 tony mancillprepare for upload to unstable
2015-05-16 tony mancilladd dependences needed run make-jpkg (Closes: #782132)
2015-03-04 Emmanuel BourgUpload to experimental
2015-03-04 Emmanuel BourgRemoved .gitignore to avoid uploading unwanted files...
2015-03-04 Francesc ZacariasNew --with-system-certs option to use the system keysto...
2015-03-04 Emmanuel BourgRemoved the generated package mistakenly included in...
2015-01-24 Emmanuel BourgUpload to experimental
2015-01-24 Emmanuel BourgAdded more command line tool alternatives: jmc and...
2015-01-24 Laurens BlankersProvide all runtimes since Java 5 (Close: #775987)
2015-01-22 Emmanuel BourgInclude Java 8 in the help message of make-jpkg (Closes...
2015-01-22 Emmanuel BourgStandards-Version updated to 3.9.6
2014-06-20 Benjamin DrungRelease java-package 0.56 to Debian unstable.
2014-06-20 Benjamin DrungSet the urcency of the guest package to medium.
2014-06-20 Chris Jester... Do not Build-Depends libavcodec53 and libavformat53.
2014-06-17 Benjamin Drungreleasing java-package 0.55 to unstable
2014-06-17 Benjamin DrungCreate build depends for JDK.
2014-06-17 Benjamin DrungRemove trailing spaces from copyright file.
2014-06-17 Benjamin DrungGroup commands to create debian/install.
2014-06-17 Benjamin DrungReplace lsb_release call by dpkg-vendor call.
2014-06-17 Benjamin DrungRun wrap-and-sort.
2014-06-17 Benjamin DrungConvert copyright file content to UTF-8 for debian...
2014-05-08 Benjamin DrungUpdate debian/changelog.
2014-05-08 Benjamin DrungAdd --source option to build a source package instead...
2014-05-08 Benjamin DrungRemove empty new lines at end of files.
2014-05-08 Benjamin DrungAdd ${misc:Depends} to the guest dependency.
2014-05-08 Benjamin DrungUse dpkg-buildpackage to build the guest package.
2014-05-08 Benjamin DrungAdd a debian/rules file to the generated source package.
2014-04-24 Emmanuel BourgUse debhelper level 9 in the generated package
2014-04-24 Emmanuel BourgRemoved trailing spaces
2014-04-24 Emmanuel BourgBumped the Standards-Version of the generated package...
2014-04-09 tony mancillupdate changelog
2014-04-09 tony mancillhonor --revision for -doc packages
2014-04-09 tony mancillapply patch to honor --revision argument
2014-04-08 tony mancilladd lsb-release to Depends
2014-03-24 Emmanuel BourgSwitch to debhelper level 9
2014-02-12 Emmanuel BourgAdded more command line tool alternatives
2014-02-12 Emmanuel BourgRemoved the suggested dependency on openjdk-6-jre
2014-02-12 Emmanuel BourgStandards-Version updated to 3.9.5
2014-02-12 Emmanuel BourgAdded support for ARM VFP/hard-float JDK releases
2013-09-10 Sylvestre Ledruuploaded
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgModified the final message to better see the install...
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgIgnore the archives in the current directory
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgExcluded the fxavcodecplugin libraries used by JavaFX...
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgChanged the short description of the generate packages...
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgRemoved the references to "Java 2" from the description...
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgRemoved the recommended dependency on libx11-6 and...
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgRemoved the recommended dependency on libgtk1.2 from...
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgFixed a typo in Michael Koch's name
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgRemoved the recommended dependency on libstdc++5 from...
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgUpdated debian/README.Debian
2013-08-30 Emmanuel BourgUpdated debhelper level to 7
2013-08-29 Emmanuel BourgUpdated the manpages for Java 8
2013-08-29 Emmanuel BourgAdded support for early access documentations
2013-08-29 Emmanuel BourgAdjusted the disk space required to unpack the Java...
2013-08-29 Emmanuel BourgRemoved 'Replaces: ${j2se_package}debian' from the...