2012-01-21 Sylvestre LedruRespect the pkg-java policy + add some more information
2012-01-21 Sylvestre LedruRecommand the free jvm
2012-01-20 Cédric PineauTODO update
2012-01-20 Cédric PineauSupport use without installation through J2SE_PACKAGE_L...
2012-01-20 Cédric PineauSupport of .jinfo for udpate-java-alternatives tool
2012-01-10 Cédric PineauIncrease priorities of java7 (> java6 ones)
2012-01-10 Cédric PineauInitial rework of (svn) java-package 0.42
2012-01-10 Cédric PineauEmpty root commit