2021-08-16 Sven HoexterUpdate upstream source from tag 'upstream/2.0'
2021-08-16 Sven HoexterNew upstream version 2.0 upstream/2.0
2020-02-28 Sven Höxterupdate manpage entry for dumpheap to add dumpfile
2019-09-20 Sven Höxterreleasing package jattach version 1.5-2 debian/1.5-2
2019-09-20 Sven Höxtersome cleanups and lintian bickering
2019-09-19 Sven Höxterfix order of CPPFLAGS and CFLAGS, make CFLAGS assignmen...
2019-09-13 Sven HöxterPass on CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS as well at build time...
2019-09-13 Sven Höxterbring back master into patch unapplied state
2019-09-06 Sven HöxterClose ITP bug debian/1.5-1
2019-09-06 Sven Höxterremove verbose mode
2019-09-06 Sven Höxterfix section
2019-09-06 Sven Höxteradd linebreaks to long description
2019-09-06 Sven Höxteruse CFLAGS from environment
2019-09-06 Sven Höxteradd a minimal manpage
2019-09-06 Sven Höxteradd
2019-09-06 Sven Höxterremove sample files
2019-09-06 Sven Höxterupdate control file
2019-09-06 Sven Höxterswitch to compat level 12 definition within d/control
2019-09-06 Sven Höxteradd copyright file
2019-09-06 Sven Höxteradd a watch file
2019-08-22 Sven Höxterenable pristine-tar
2019-08-22 Sven Höxterupdate gitignore file
2019-08-22 Sven HöxterImport Upstream version 1.5 upstream/1.5
2019-08-22 Sven HoexterImport Debian changes 1.5-1