descriptionjava-package with limited Oracle JDK 9 support
last changeWed, 21 Mar 2018 10:04:34 +0000 (11:04 +0100)
2018-03-21 Sven HöxterAdd Java 10 Server JRE support now that it's released. master
2018-03-09 Sven HöxterBasic support for Java 10
2017-12-17 Sven Hoexterupdate list of binary files shipped in "bin"
2017-12-17 Sven HoexterAdd version matching code for server JRE 9
2017-12-17 Sven Hoexterensure older pattern only match up to version 8
2017-12-17 Sven HoexterAdd version matching code for JRE 9
2017-11-26 Sven Hoexteradjust binary path within the JDK for java and friends
2017-11-26 Sven Hoexterfix a small typo - hard to rebase now
2017-11-26 Sven Hoexteradjust the expected min size for JDK 9 and prior releases
2017-11-26 Sven HoexterAdd version matching code for JDK 9
2017-01-04 Emmanuel BourgSuggest openjdk-8-jre instead of openjdk-7-jre
2017-01-04 Emmanuel BourgMarked bug #806463 as fixed in java-package/0.60
2016-09-11 tony mancillupdate changelog for upload
2016-09-11 tony mancillgenerated JDK/JRE packages now depend upon "java-common"
2016-09-11 tony mancillbump Standards-Version of generated packages
2016-09-11 tony mancilladd --priority <PRIORITY> option (Closes: #820857)
3 years ago master