changelog spacing fix
[sven/mpt-status.git] / mpt-status.spec
2014-08-05 Sven Hoexterchangelog spacing fix master
2014-08-05 Sven HoexterIncrease Release revision to 5
2014-08-05 Sven HoexterPoint URL to my own site, the original one is gone.
2014-08-05 Sven HoexterPoint Source to the Debian package pool, approach also...
2014-08-05 Sven HoexterDo not install the INSTALL file from doc - copied the...
2014-08-04 Sven HoexterAdd _mandir to %files section. 1.2.0-4
2014-08-04 Sven HoexterFix changelog date.
2014-08-04 Sven HoexterRemove useless mkdir -p
2014-08-04 Sven HoexterFix _mandir macro
2014-08-04 Sven HoexterFix fsf address, try to add the manpage, recommended...
2014-08-04 Sven HoexterRemove URL and shorten Source since the original author...
2014-07-30 Sven Hoexter- Remove depdency on daemonize, if you'd like to use
2011-10-27 Sven HoexterFix 1.2.0-3 changelog entry - we do not require redhat...
2011-10-26 Sven HoexterRemove dependency on redhat-lsb. 1.2.0-3
2011-10-16 Sven HoexterInstall the init script as mpt-statusd.
2011-10-16 Sven Hoexteradd init script to the files of the package
2011-10-16 Sven HoexterIntegrate mpt-status.init into the packaging.
2011-10-16 Sven HoexterInitial import mpt-status 1.2.0-2 packaging 1.2.0-2
2011-10-16 Sven HoexterInitial import mpt-status 1.2.0-1 packaging 1.2.0-1