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Project Description Owner Last Change
sven/bytefmt.git Unnamed repository; edit this... sven 15 months ago
sven/cgiirc.git Debian: experimental cgiirc... sven 9 years ago
sven/courierpassd.git Debian: courierpassd packaging sven 5 years ago
sven/curator.git Debian: curator packaging... sven 10 years ago
sven/ddwrt-etc.git DD-WRT hacks and scripts I... sven 7 years ago
sven/exfat-utils.git Debian: exfat-utils packaging sven 9 months ago
sven/exfatprogs.git Debian: exfatprogs packaging sven 2 months ago
sven/fuse-exfat.git Debian: fuse-exfat packaging sven 9 months ago
sven/jattach.git Debian: jattach packaging sven 13 months ago
sven/java-package.git java-package with limited... sven 3 years ago
sven/mpt-status.git RHEL: mpt-status packaging sven 6 years ago
sven/mysqltcl.git Debian: mysqltcl packaging sven 2 years ago
sven/pflogsumm.git Debian: pflogsumm packaging sven 12 months ago
sven/psinfo.git Debian: psinfo packaging sven 9 years ago
sven/rsi.git RSI Mobile sven 17 months ago
sven/scripts.git misc scripts sven 7 months ago
sven/squirrelmail-change-pass.git Debian: squirrelmail-change... sven 10 years ago
sven/tclcurl.git Debian: tclcurl packaging sven 2 years ago
sven/xosql.git Debian: xosql packaging sven 9 years ago